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Working Groups

1st Working Group «Antithrombotic pharmacology»
Moderator: Α. Tselepis

2nd Working Group «Coronary Heart Disease»
Moderator: D. Richter & E. Vavouranakis

3rd Working Group «Αtrial Fibrillation»
Moderator: K. Kalantzi & G. Andrikopoulos

4th Working Group «Strokes»
Moderator: G. Ntaios & K. Vemmos

5th Working Group «Peripheral Arteries»
A. Peripheral arterial disease
B. Carotides
C. Aneurysms
Moderator: Μ. Matsangas

6th Working Group «Venous thromboembolic disease»
A. Venous Thrombosis
B. Pulmonary embolism
C. Prophylaxis
D. Cancer
E. Pregnancy and Postnatal care
Moderator: E. Lefkou & G. Gerotziafas

7th Working Group «Peri-invasive treatment of antithrombotic therapy»
A Antiplatelet management
B. Anticoagulant management
C. Cardio surgery
D. Regional Anesthesia
E. Arnaoutoglou & S. Sourmelis

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